Crop Nutrition

Cultivation boosts fert. response

New research from DAFWA presented at the 2014 GIWA Agribusiness crop updates suggests you may get more bang for your crop nutrition buck if you spend some of the bucks on cultivation and lime. Profit is driven by the cultivation effect on nutrient availability. Deep cultivation gave a yield response […]

Be effective and efficient with N

Efficiency and effectiveness are different dimensions of nutrient use efficiency (NUE). The most efficient way to use fertilisers is not to use any, but that is not effective, as production is likely to be nutrient limited. IPNI’s Rob Norton gave a rundown on NUE terms and details, and how they […]

Time for an N-Rich test strip

To reduce some of the uncertainty about in-crop nitrogen, Dr Rob Norton from the International Plant Nutrition Institute suggests using an N-Rich strip applied either presowing or soon after sowing. If responses can be seen later in the season where the extra N was applied, it is a good indication […]

Potassium an essential nutrient

  It was suggested in a recent paper from the US that because 24% of reports from a literature survey showed positive responses to applied K, that growers did not need to use K fertilizers. While K responses will not occur on all soils with all crops, there are clearly […]

Phosphorous for 2014

Jim Laycok from Incitec Pivot Fertiliser, presented to Advisers at the GRDC Update at Coonabarabran. Jim talks about P application and has some simple rules for the 2014 season. View the full paper.

Refining fertiliser recommendations for 2014

Chris Dowling

Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Company, and member of the eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition Community of Practice, presented to Advisers at the GRDC Update at Coonabarabran.