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Pulse crops nodulation and Nitrogen in southern farming systems

Pulse crops can fix large quantities of N into the soil if correctly nodulated. Farmers are encouraged to check their crops during the season for nodulation. Eric Armstrong, pulse crop research agronomist with NSW DPI at Wagga, demonstrates in this video how to do your own checking. He shows results […]

Canola and Nitrogen trials in southern Australia

NSW DPI research & development agronomist Rohan Brill talks about the Yield response to applied N on canola in his trials in southern NSW this year (2014).  The trials compare responses to N rates across hybrid and pollinated varieties (triazine tolerant and intolerant).  In this paddock which had a starting […]

Is it too late for N?

Perspectives from the Northern, Southern and Western grain growing regions, September 2014. South Chris Sounness, Birchip Cropping Group. In the southern region the condition of the crops in late 2014 is diverse. Struggling, almost unharvestable through some areas of the southern Mallee in Victoria, to looking very good through some […]

Be alert for signs of nutrient deficiencies

Now is a good time of year to look for unusual symptoms in your crops that could indicate possible nutrient deficiencies. As Mark Conyers’ says, “Sometimes the best fertiliser is the shadow of the farmer”, so keep your eyes open while going around your crops. Things like poor growth or […]

P sources – bang for your buck

  Col McMaster from NSW DPI talks about the key take homes messages from research conducted in the Forbes area into the cost effectiveness of various sources of Phosphorus fertiliser. Col was talking about this research at a GRDC update held in Wellington NSW in August. Further reading GRDC: The most […]

Nitrogen in the west update

  New video on nitrogen deficiency in the west by GRDC featuring Liam Ryan from DAFWA and member of eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition. See also: – our previous article Nitrogen low in the west – DAFWA’s artcile Critical tissue nitrogen concentrations for diagnosis of nitrogen deficiency in wheat

Managing crop nutrition

Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Company and member of eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition talks about in crop nitrogen while at the Managing Crop Nutrition for Growers update at Dubbo.

SPOTLIGHT: Nutrient deficiency Apps

So you can see signs of nutrient deficiency on the crop – but what is causing the problem? Tissue testing would give a definitive answer, and the scale of the problem. In the meantime there are some apps available now that might help. But is it really a nutrient deficiency? […]

How even is your spread?

The vast majority of fertiliser spreaders deliver highly varied spread patterns. Accu-Spread evaluates spread patterns from broadcast spreaders to help achieve an even result. A new machine is no guarantee that an acceptable spread pattern will be achieved. Most spreaders do not provide acceptable uniformity of spread at the typical […]

Tissue testing tells….

Plant tissue testing helps ensure fertiliser responses are not compromised by factors we can control. How effective was the fertiliser applied? Tissue testing tells a lot about the effectiveness of different fertiliser treatments. The effectiveness of one product compared to another, or one strategy versus another is ultimately determined by […]

Better benchmarks for soil tests

Soil nutrient test results often come with benchmarks or critical values that indicate whether you are likely to get a response to applying fertiliser. But how useful are these critical values? The most relevant critical values come from multiple trials, from soils and climate similar to your own. The ‘Better […]

Nitrogen low in the West

Plant-available nitrogen in the soil profile is lower across the western grainbelt this year compared with the previous four years. Grain growers across the Western region are urged to monitor crops for nitrogen deficiency. Last season’s high grain yields and the dry summer have combined to reduce soil nitrogen. For […]