Crop Nutrition

Summer Crop Nutrition 2014 / 2015

After a hot finish to the winter crop season, the opportunity for summer crops is now upon us. Fertilisers can account for up to 40% of the variable costs of growing a crop. Hence it is well worth investing money in accurate soil testing and agronomic advice to help balance […]

Top dress nitrogen for profit

Charlie Walker, from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers based in Geelong, talks about the results of field trials on nitrogen top dressing and what they can tell us about increasing profitability by making good decisions. Charlie Walker presented on the topic ‘Top dress nitrogen for profit’ at the 2014 Fertilizer Australia conference,  .

Nitrogen volatilised – factors affecting how much is lost

Fertiliser nitrogen may be lost from the soil in several different ways, including: ● ammonia volatilisation, ● nitrate leaching and ● nitrate denitrification. Factors affecting these losses include the fertiliser compound, fertiliser form, type of application, timing of application, soil properties, rainfall amount and intensity, and temperature and wind after […]

Nutrient use efficiency – from the world to your farm

Rob Norton, from the International Plant Nutrition Institute, talks about nutrient use efficiency from a global perspective to the local farm. For more information view Rob Norton presented on ‘Nutrient use efficiency-profits and policy’ at the 2014 Fertilizer Australia conference,

The cost of a poor spread pattern

In a follow-up to our article How even is your spread?  Chris Lightfoot, Consultant Economist from Melbourne, talks about the Accu-Spread program and recent work to estimate the cost of bout width variation delivered by most fertilizer spreaders. What is the reduction in variation worth the farmers in terms of gross margin? […]

Frost and Copper deficiency – similar symptoms different causes

leaves showing damage and rolling of leaf tip

2014: frost has been a big topic in southeastern Australia with some crops severely damaged. The damage so far in 2014 is from early very heavy frost (<-4oC). In some crops the developing head has been killed. Tillers then must carry the yield burden, providing they are not damaged. Those […]

To cut for hay or not?

Highly variable rainfall across the Wimmera and Mallee, followed by some hot windy conditions has left growers in the thick of decision making. As harvest edges closer, many are considering the merits of following cereals through to harvest or cutting for hay. Read the full story on BCG’s website. Photos courtesy […]

Liquid P – Does it deliver?

Trials in central NSW showed that 2 forms of liquid P fertilizer delivered similar yield responses to the same level of P applied as MAP on a deficient soil with low PBI. Higher cost per unit of P with these products, meant that MAP was still the more economic form […]

Q&A: Target levels for Zn & Cu

Question: Target trace element soil concentrations What target trace element (Zn and Cu) soil concentrations should a farmer be aiming for on duplex mallee soils? (Cascade, WA) Received: 19/09/2014 Answer The value of soil tests in diagnosing micronutrient supply is limited. Soil test values give a general view of the potential […]

Finding the true value of Twitter

View webinar recording Heard of Twitter but not sure of the value for your business or network? Wondering how tweeting or boosting can increase your profile and the effectiveness of your message? Or already tweeting but want to increase your reach? This is the webinar for you! In this webinar, Victor Villegas and Stephen Judd from […]