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Nitrogen Use Efficiency training online

Significant new research is investigating how management of nitrogen fertilizer can be optimised for crop profitability, alongside minimising greenhouse gas emissions and impacts on water quality. Fertcare® has brought this new information, along with a summary of existing best science and their practical implications into a training package.

Following a series of regional workshops this training is now available online. You will be guided through information on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon management
relevant to soil and fertilizer recommendations. The online learning includes industry specific information on nitrogen use efficiency for:

  • broadacre cropping
  • intensive pastures
  • irrigated cropping
  • sugarcane
  • horticulture.

You can choose just the ones that interest you.

To be registered as completing the training you need to complete at least two sections. This is likely to take two to three hours, and can be done over multiple sessions.

Click here to register for the free online training. Within 2 business days, you will get an email from Bendigo TAFE confirming your registration; that email will provide further details about how to access the training.

Further information

Carbon Credits from fertilizer management

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Contact Jeff Kraak M: 0407 663535 E:

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