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Nitrogen topical at 2018 GRDC Updates

Keep up with the latest research information on nitrogen. The following papers and key messages were presented at the GRDC Updates across Australia in February and March 2018.

Improving N efficiency using mid-row banding – Graeme Sandral

Mid-row banding urea at sowing provided a higher yield and profit response in wheat compared to almost all other N application methods. This was one of the findings of NSW DPI and EH Graham Centre researchers, presented at the Wagga and The Rock updates. Improving nitrogen fertiliser use efficiency in wheat using mid-row banding

The effects of stubble on N tie-up and supply – John Kirkegaard

In no-till systems, only about 6% of the N requirement of crops can be derived from a cereal stubble. This is regardless of whether the stubble is standing, on the surface or incorporated. This was the message presented at the Wagga, The Rock, Dubbo and Bendigo updates by researchers from CSIRO Agriculture and Food , La Trobe University and FarmLink ResearchThe effects of stubble on nitrogen tie-up and supply

N requirements in pulse-cereal rotations – Howard Cox

This paper outline how to calculate the N needed in pulse-cereal rotations. It was presented at the Allora update by DAF Queensland researcher Howard Cox. Calculating how much N is needed in pulse‐cereal rotations

N fixation by pulse crops – Nikki Seymour

At the Dubbo, Goondiwindi and Allora updates, DAF Queensland researcher Nikki Seymour discussed how much nitrogen is fixed by pulse crops and what factors affect fixation. How much nitrogen is fixed by pulse crops and what factors affect fixation?

N use efficiency in wheat – Richard Daniel

This paper, presented by Richard Daniel (Northern Grower Alliance) at the Goondiwindi update, reveals how efficiently N is used by wheat, based on a three-year study. Nitrogen use (in)efficiency in wheat – key messages from 2014-2017

Mid-row banding N in cereals – Ashley Wallace

Mid-row banding N fertiliser improved N use efficiency in wheat in 2016 trials in Victoria. The impact on yield and protein is more variable, but positive in N deficient situations. These findings were presented at the Bendigo update by Agriculture Victoria researcher Ashley Wallace. Refining nitrogen placement in cereals – mid row banding

Calculating N availability in soil and N uptake by wheat – Mark Peoples

At the Dubbo update, CSIRO Agriculture and Food researcher Mark Peoples outlined some basic rules of thumb for calculating the additional N available in soil and N uptake by wheat in pulse-cereal rotations. Rules-of-thumb for calculating additional soil N availability and wheat N uptake in pulse‐cereal sequences

Applying N during fallow – Maurice Street

At the Dubbo update, Grain Orana Alliance researcher Maurice Street addressed the question of whether N fertiliser applied to a fallow paddock can increase fertiliser use efficiency by subsequent wheat crops. Can applying nitrogen fertiliser in the fallow period increase fertiliser efficiency in wheat?

Nitrogen dynamics in modern cropping systems – Jeff Baldock

Profitable grain production relies on optimising nutrient use and matching N supply and demand. At the Adelaide, Corowa and Wagga updates, Jeff Baldock from CSIRO Agriculture and Food discussed how to understand soils so N fertiliser application rates were appropriate. Nitrogen dynamics in modern cropping systems

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