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Lessons in crop nutrition captured for the future.

Lessons learnt from the careers of three leading Australian crop nutrition scientists have now been captured in a series of short YouTube videos.

In the videos researchers Mark Conyers, Rob Norton and Ross Brennan reveal the big lessons learnt from their careers that are of relevance to modern agriculture.,

Mark Conyers talks about Nitrogen, tillage, soil testing, how to run good research and advice for young agricultural professionals and farmers. Mark is a soil chemist who previously worked for NSW DPI specialising in crop nutrition, acid soils and all things soils.

Rob Norton talks about Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, micronutrients, the future of cropping and advice for people working in agriculture and agricultural education. Rob specialised in crop nutrition and agronomy education. He was the Director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute for Australia & New Zealand and taught Agronomy at various Victorian educational institutions..

Ross Brennan talks about the different micronutrients in Western Australia. Ross was  a Principal Research Officer with DPIRD – focusing on micronutrients and crop nutrition..

The Science Legacy Series will be of interest for farmers, farm advisors and agricultural scientists alike. Broken into broad topic areas there are 10-20 videos for each scientist and these can be found . Alternatively you can search for each scientist by name in YouTube.


The Science Legacy Series is the brainchild of NSW DPI Soil Development Officer Luke Beange who wanted to ensure the knowledge bank from these retiring scientists was captured for the future.

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