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Last year’s most popular crop nutrition stories

eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition published 49 articles in 2016. These were the most popular:

  1. Can I burn lime and gypsum with stubble?

Bottom line: Loss of limestone will be minimal, gypsum might lose some solubility.

2. Three reasons why topdressing nitrogen can fail

Not enough rain after topdressing, too wet, too late!

3. The best frost tactics for three key nutrients

Crop nutrition can affect crop responses to frost. Identify frost prone areas on farms, and aim to maximise profit rather than yield in those areas.

4. How to confidently diagnose a crop nutrient disorder

Monitor the current crop, take photos, tissue test, assess paddock risks for future crops… It’s not really that simple – read the full article!

5. What happens to urea with high residue loads?

Immobilisation and volatilisation of nitrogen can both occur. How much depends a lot on the residue type and application method.

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