How to review last season’s crop nutrition decisions with Chris Dowling

You might know how much you spent on fertiliser last season, but do you know if it was a good investment? Review at the end of the season can answer that question. Do you know how to assess how well last season’s crop nutrition management shaped up?

In this webinar presented by Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Co on behalf of the GRDC More Profit from Crop Nutrition (MPCN) project, Chris outlined practical, evidence-based techniques growers and advisors can use to assess how a crop nutrition program performed. The webinar looks at:

  • what information you need
  • different measures of efficiency
  • what those measures are able to tell you
  • how the analysis might change your approach for the 2017 season.

Techniques outlined include Partial Factor Productivity, Partial Nutrient Balance and Agronomic Efficiency, use of test strips, grain protein, grain tissue testing and soil testing.

More Profit from Crop Nutrition II (MPCN II) is a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded project.

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