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How Australian crop advisors make quality fertiliser recommendations

Crop nutrition and better fertiliser decisions for cropping webinar, presented on 8 October 2015 by Tony Cox, NSW DPI, National Coordinator for the More Profit from Crop Nutrition II program, funded by the GRDC.

The webinar introduced the BFDC database and the Interrogator that enables crop advisors to ensure their fertiliser recommendations are underpinned by the best available science.

The BFDC Interrogator is an online tool that allows users to find the critical nutrient ranges for macro and micro-nutrients for specific regions, crops, soil types and conditions. The BFDC Interrogator contains data from over 5,600 research trials looking at fertiliser response. It is considered the best available data set for fertiliser recommendations in Australia by Fertcare, and is used by Fertcare Accredited Advisors.

The Interrogator allows users to search the database by region, soil type, nutrient, depth of sampling and soil test, and crop type and yield. For example, if you wanted to find a critical range for Phosphorous, related to a Colwell P test, in a heavy clay near Moree in the Northern Region, for wheat in a season with a moderate yield outlook, you would do this by nominating a polygon on a map to define the region, choosing the soil type, the soil test, the crop and crop yield range. The Interrogator extracts all relevant trial data and calculates a critical range based only on results from the set conditions.

MPCN_logo_smallPresenter Tony Cox from NSW DPI is the National Co-ordinator of the More Profit from Crop Nutrition II program.

This webinar was part of NSW DPI’s Soils Network of Knowledge series.

The BFDC database and interrogator is a resource developed, and supported with funding from the GRDC.

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