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Wayne Pluske

Wayne Pluske is the founder of Equii, an independent consultancy advising on soils, plant nutrition, and fertiliser, with an aim to improve clients’ profits while reducing risks and hassles.

Equii provides evidence-based, practical advice and services to farmers, other trusted advisers, agribusinesses and industry organisations, specialising in the collation, mapping, and interpretation of new and old soil tests. He has worked in many public and private organisations and has been involved in the development and use of many platforms and services for delivery of soil and plant tests and information to advisers and growers.

Wayne Pluske is involved in the Crop Nutrition Community of Practise to give and to get; to give his insights on what is important and topical to the industry so good, useful information can be shared, and to get a better and broader view of what is driving improvements to crop nutrition.

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