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Sean Mason

Sean Mason is a Director at Agronomy Solutions, with the role of Research Agronomist. He has considerable experience in the area of soil and plant nutrition. He has been extensively involved in validating and commercialising a new soil test for P (DGT) and has been part of the larger project team for the Better Fertiliser Decisions for Crops (BFDC) project. More recently, Sean has explored the opportunities that sensing technologies potentially provide for rapid and cost effective analysis of selected soil properties and crop nutrient contents, both at the laboratory and field level.

Sean has a proven track record in leading several GRDC/SAGIT funded projects, delivering vital information to the agricultural industry. He has gained significant experience in the design and analysis of replicated field and glasshouse trials, including glasshouse trials that use radioisotopes. He has significant experience in the communication of research work to researchers, advisors, and growers through a vast range of media including GRDC ground cover, MPCN initiative meetings, GRDC updates, conferences, field days and international literature.

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