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James Easton

James Easton is the Senior Agronomist for CSBP based in Perth. James has been involved in Field Research through various roles as an Agricultural Officer, Area Manager, Regional Agronomist, Field Research Manager and now Senior Agronomist. As Senior Agronomist, he works with the CSBP Agronomy and Field Research teams to further their understanding of crop and pasture fertiliser requirements under constantly evolving farming systems and practices. James is passionate about plant nutrition and sharing this knowledge with work colleagues and farmers as well as with the broader industry. With over 30 years’ experience in agriculture, James is driven to help growers optimise the returns from their fertiliser investment through science-based advice. He is highly respected for his knowledge of plant nutrition and fertilisers, and is often invited to present at Grower Group meetings, Industry Updates and conferences, and professional development days for Farm Consultants. James has also collaborated on several GRDC projects focussed on increasing fertiliser efficiencies with DPIRD, Universities, and Grower Groups. He actively seeks to share his knowledge with colleagues and other Agronomists to support sound agronomic advice to growers.

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