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Crop nutrition research put in the spotlight

The More Profit From Crop Nutrition II (MPCN II) initiative features in the July/August 2016 Ground Cover Supplement. MPCN II brings together more than 20 Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded crop nutrition projects from across Australia with the aim of improving fertiliser input returns and nutrient use efficiency on-farm.

Published bi-monthly by the GRDC, the Ground Cover Supplement provides information on a specific grains research-related issue of interest to grain growers and includes technical information, research updates, and case studies.


Featured MPCN II topics include:

Nitrogen: Water-nitrogen interplay sets yield potential

Phosphorus: Calculator crunches numbers for optimal inputs

Roots and nutrition: Researchers on the hunt for phosphorus-efficient wheat

Potassium and micronutrients: Nutrients under scrutiny as a possible defence against frost.


extensionAUS: eXtensionAUS connects paddock to lab


Related eXtensionAUS MPCN II videos and articles:

Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from dryland grains soils

How Australian crop advisors make quality fertiliser recommendations

Potassium and crop stress

Claying and crop nutrition

Correcting micronutrient deficiencies

Deep phosphorus fertiliser trials in NSW

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