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Crop nutrition discussions at the GRDC Updates

GRDC Communities is bringing “Ask an Expert” to the 2019 GRDC updates.  

Crop nutrition implications after the drought

Senior crop nutrition experts including Mike Bell (QAAFI), Sean Mason (Agronomy Solutions) Richard Daniel (NGA), Jim Laycock (Incitec Pivot), Maurie Street (GOA) will discuss the year ahead. Three “early risers” forums feature at the 2019 Adelaide (12-13th)  Dubbo (26th-27th February) and Goondiwindi (5th-6th March) Research updates. These run over breakfast, starting at 7.30 am on day two of the updates with the Adelaide session kicking off at 8.15 on February 13th.

Tony Cox and Luke Beange from the GRDC Communities team will run the Q&A sessions. Ask questions before the event via Ask an Expert, text message and from the audience on the day.

Advisors and growers will hear from leading researchers on:

  • current research
  • specific agronomic issues
  • local constraints.

You can join online as well as being in the live audience. So even if you can’t make it to the updates you can still engage with our experts in crop nutrition.

More on the GRDC Grains Research Updates:

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