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Can trace elements improve frost tolerance?

Hungry crops are more susceptible to frost damage. The best approach is to meet the crop’s nutrition needs. This gives the crop the best overall chance of dealing with stress, including frost.  How do nutrients help? Crops develop stronger cell walls when they have enough copper (Cu) and manganese (Mn). […]

WATCH: Is it time to re-think P critical levels in WA?

Applying phosphorus (P) to soils with seemingly adequate P stocks can boost yield. Trials in WA are showing crop response to P above critical levels. Critical levels indicate if a crop will respond to more of a certain nutrient. Above the critical level, there’s less than a 10% chance of […]

What is the best way to apply trace elements?

For a short-term fix, a foliar spray is the easiest, cheapest, and a reliable way to apply trace elements to crops. There are also options to help build soil reserves for future crops.  Zinc (Zn) For a minor deficiency and/or in a known Zn-deficient paddock, Zn seed dressings can supply […]

Keep K in soils to alleviate stress

At a recent GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions Network open forum at Morawa in Western Australia, Dr Richard Bell from Murdoch University spoke of the importance of potassium (K) for optimal plant growth and alleviating crop stress. Low soil K is common in the sand and duplex soils of WA cropping […]

Insights from N rich and poor strips

Tom Batters and his colleagues from AGRIvision Consultants, Swan Hill, Victoria have been using nitrogen-rich test strips (N-rich strips) informally for many years.  Last season they took a more formal approach and followed the test strip progress with photos and NDVI images. The strips are a real time, low-cost visual […]

Is low protein wheat a symptom of low soil organic matter?

Lower than expected grain protein levels could be a symptom of declining soil organic matter (SOM) levels. Since higher protein wheat can fetch a premium price, it’s worth understanding how SOM fits into in-season nitrogen (N) management. Nitrogen supply is a critical driver of grain protein content. Higher yield and […]

Showy test strip? You need more nutrients

Agronomists and growers use fertiliser test strips to see if a crop might respond to additional nutrients. Test strips are bands of a specific nutrient, put out in the cropping paddock. A nutrient is applied at a higher rate than the fertiliser base rate in the paddock. Ideally, another strip […]

Soil carbon key to nutrient renewal

Jeff Baldock, CSIRO discusses Soil Carbon Decline

  Recent research into organic soil carbon and its effect on soil nutrient levels suggests care must be taken to avoid mining nutrients from our agricultural soils. CSIRO research scientist Jeff Baldock outlined his concerns in a recent video discussion with GRDC Communities Crop Nutrition. Nitrogen (N) is being mined […]

A closer look at sulphur in the southern region

Critical values for sulphur (S) in the southern region may be lower than originally thought. Established critical values are 4.5 mg/kg for wheat and 7 mg/kg for canola. These values are based primarily on WA data that use the KCl-40 S test. Do these values apply in other regions? A […]

Take our survey and have your say- you could win!

Tell us what you think for your chance to win an 8” tablet! Your feedback is important to us. It helps us improve our products and services, as well as plan for an exciting future of crop nutrition extension. We have put together a short survey as an opportunity for […]

Sow close to the row to boost crops after a dry year

On-row or edge row sowing means sowing a new crop immediately alongside or in the previous crop row. Grain crops are usually sown inter-row (between the old crop rows). On-row sowing for phosphorus On-row sowing can make use of last year’s phosphorus (P) fertiliser. Phosphorus is not a very mobile […]

Get better precision with grain tests

Grain nutrient testing is a quick and easy way to see what nutrients are leaving the farm with the grain. Incitec Pivot trials at the Darling Downs, western Downs and in northern New South Wales have looked at sorghum grain test results from the last three years of summer crops. […]