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Posts by Sally Friis

Soil sampling with banded fertilizers

In paddocks with a history of precision placement of fertilizer, soil sampling requires special planning. Some elements, such as soil P, remain very close to where they were placed in the soil. Random sampling could give falsely high or low test results depending on how the sampling pattern intersects with […]

Carbon credits from fertilizer management

Cotton farmers could soon add value to their nitrogen fertilizer management by earning income in a similar process to graziers under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) that recently passed through the Senate. Emissions reduction methods set out the rules for estimating emissions reductions from different activities, and ensure that emissions reductions […]

Grain analysis for nutrient strategy

Analysis of freshly harvested grain can: – show if that crop had a hidden hunger that may have limited yield – document the degree of a known deficiency – confirm its suitability to use as seed – inform future crop nutrition strategy for the paddock. Tissue testing of grain is […]

Chemically treated fertilizers can contaminate grain

Fertilizers treated with other chemicals such as fungicides are a potential source of unacceptable pesticide residue in farm produce. The residues arise from cross contamination of harvested grain, not from use of the fertilizer in the paddock. Around 15% of the Australian cereal crop is currently sown with fungicide treated […]

Nitrogen volatilised – factors affecting how much is lost

Fertiliser nitrogen may be lost from the soil in several different ways, including: ● ammonia volatilisation, ● nitrate leaching and ● nitrate denitrification. Factors affecting these losses include the fertiliser compound, fertiliser form, type of application, timing of application, soil properties, rainfall amount and intensity, and temperature and wind after […]

Frost and Copper deficiency – similar symptoms different causes

leaves showing damage and rolling of leaf tip

2014: frost has been a big topic in southeastern Australia with some crops severely damaged. The damage so far in 2014 is from early very heavy frost (<-4oC). In some crops the developing head has been killed. Tillers then must carry the yield burden, providing they are not damaged. Those […]

Pulse crops nodulation and Nitrogen in southern farming systems

Pulse crops can fix large quantities of N into the soil if correctly nodulated. Farmers are encouraged to check their crops during the season for nodulation. Eric Armstrong, pulse crop research agronomist with NSW DPI at Wagga, demonstrates in this video how to do your own checking. He shows results […]

Canola and Nitrogen trials in southern Australia

NSW DPI research & development agronomist Rohan Brill talks about the Yield response to applied N on canola in his trials in southern NSW this year (2014).  The trials compare responses to N rates across hybrid and pollinated varieties (triazine tolerant and intolerant).  In this paddock which had a starting […]