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Our top picks from the fertiliser industry conference

New science topped the agenda at the 2017 Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference. Fertilizer Australia hosted the conference in Torquay, Victoria.

Of the many presentations, the following two papers are relevant to Australian growers and crop nutritionists.

Phosphorus and soil biology

Dr Cassandra Schefe works with Monash University. Her research investigates microbe activity and available P. Australia’s soils are often low in P. Less than 15% of that soil P is available for plant uptake. Soil microbes can make more P available to plants. Addressing some soil constraints helps microbes flourish.

Nutrient management in high rainfall zones

Dr Malcolm McCaskill spoke on behalf of a research group. Their work focusses on the Victorian high rainfall zone (HRZ). Critical soil levels proved higher in HRZ cropping paddocks when compared to other rainfall zones. They suggest a crop nutrition strategy for the HRZ. The timing for different fertilisers is a focus.  

More information

Working on the yield gap to boost profit for HRZ growers

Other presentations from the fertiliser industry conference

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